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the rainbow of her reasons
20th-Aug-2020 09:25 pm - Welcome
rachel // ladies of sfu

Hello, I'm Emma
if you like my work feel free to add me,
and keep up with my work.
Anyone can add me,
you can just add me,
or comment here if you want me to add you back.
Happy LJ-ing!

8th-Nov-2008 09:15 pm - obama (yes we did)
rachel // ladies of sfu
262 President-Elect Barack Obama related

Yes we can...Collapse )
19th-Oct-2008 03:55 pm - true blood (cold ground)
rachel // ladies of sfu
35 True Blood Ep. 106 "Cold Ground"

'I'm a waitress'...Collapse )
3rd-Aug-2008 11:07 pm - six feet under cast
rachel // ladies of sfu
151 Six Feet Under Cast Members
(including Rachel Griffiths, Peter Krause, Lauren Ambrose, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, & Lili Taylor)

We're standing on the edge...Collapse )
rachel // ladies of sfu
32 Six Feet Under Opening Credits
37 Six Feet Under Season 2 Promo
62 Six Feet Under Season 3 Promo
62 Six Feet Under Season 4 Promo

I'm gonna put it six feet underground...Collapse )
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